Which are the best earphones under 500?

If you want to get great sound earphones for gaming and music, then you will find many latest options here. Along with dual drivers, deep bass is also being given in these earphones. These are very lightweight and stylish designed earphones.

These days there are many types of earphones under 500 on the market. It is often believed that earphones with good sound quality have to spend from 1000 to 2500 rupees. But today we will tell you the list of Best Earphones which are very affordable. The list of headphones we have brought for you is the best earphone brand in the market. You can easily order these earphones under 500 from online shopping platforms Flipkart and Amazon.

All these earphones come with high-quality drivers, which enhance the sound quality and bass. These Best Earphones Under 500 are very affordable as well as have a very lightweight and stylish design.

List of 12 Top Best Earphones Under 500

  1. pTron Gaming Wired Headphones
  2. Dudao Dynamic Bass Stereo Earphone
  3. JBL Wired in-Ear Earphones with Mic
  4. Infinity Deep Bass Headphones
  5. boAt Bassheads Earphones
  6. JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones
  7. Boat BassHeads 162
  8. Philips SHE1515BK/94
  9. Mi Earphones Basic
  10. Realme Buds 2
  11. Boat BassHeads 142
  12. Oraimo Halo

These are the best earphones under 500

pTron Gaming Wired Headphones

  • In-ear Dual Driver Wired Earphones with Stereo Sound & Bass
  • Dual Driver Ensures Better Sound Separation
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Passive noise cancellation
  • Comfort & Durable
  • On-the Cord Remote Control with Mic & Volume Control

This is the best earphone with a dual driver. It also has support for great stereo sound and deep bass, which enhances the gaming experience. It also has an in-line mic for hands-free calling and voice commands. For clear sound, the feature of passive noise cancellation is also being given in this Best Earphones Under 500. It comes with a stylish and comfortable design.

Dudao Dynamic Bass Stereo Earphone

  • The ergonomic shape of the earbuds brings comfortable and stable wear.
  • With this earphone, you can enjoy powerful enhanced bass and rich musical details of music
  • Super double bass
  • Plug it in with the 1.2m perfect length cable Now easily plug anywhere – while the earphones are extremely user-friendly and stylish

High definition sound is being supported in this earphone. It is equipped with powerful 10mm drivers, which deliver crystal clear sound along with super double bass. This is a 1.2-meter length earphone, which is very user-friendly and comfortable earphones under 500. This earphone has a stylish ergonomic design, which is very attractive to look at and fits easily in your ears.

JBL Wired in-Ear Earphones with Mic

  • High Clean Bass
  • Noise Isolation Microphone
  • One-Button Universal Remote with Mic
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri
  • Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips
  • High Fidelity Twin Cable

This earphone comes with high sound quality and deep bass. It also has a microphone with noise isolation, which keeps your audio clear. Along with this, you are also being given a universal button, which you can use for hands-free calling and music play/pause. These are Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable Best Earphones Under 500, which can be easily carried.

Infinity Deep Bass Headphones

  • Deep Bass Sound
  • Comfort-Fit Design
  • Hands-Free calling with One Button Remote
  • Tangle-free 1.2m Durable Flat Cable
  • Voice Assistant Integration

You get a comfortable fit design in these earphones. It gets deep bass sound quality. Button remotes have also been provided in it for hands-free calling and a better music experience. It comes with 1.2 meters of tangle-free wire. In this, a 3.5mm connector with an L shape is given. You can also use it for gaming and music.

boAt Bassheads Earphones

  • HD sound via 10mm drivers
  • fantastic bass-heavy tunes 
  •  Deep Bass
  • Foldable/Collapsible
  • Durable and highly resistant

This earphone is available in many attractive colors. It has powerful 10mm drivers. Its HD sound quality enhances your music and gaming experience. An in-line mic is also provided in this Best Earphones Under 500 for better communication and hands-free calling. This is a very lightweight earphone.

Infinity (JBL) Zip 20

  • Deep Bass Sound
  • Comfort-Fit Design
  • Hands-Free calling with One Button Remote
  • Tangle-free 1.2m Durable Cable
  • Voice Assistant Integration

JBL is a respected company in wired earphones and sound technology. The company has introduced the Infinity brand as an affordable pricing product. You can buy the Headphone Infinity (JBL) Zip 20 for music lovers of this brand from Amazon India. You can purchase it from Amazon for Rs 499. In this voice-enabled headphone, the corporate has given L shape 3.5mm audio jack for durability.

JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones

  • High Clean Bass
  • One-Button Universal Remote with Mic
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri
  • Ultra Lightweight and Comfortable with 3 sizes of ear tips
  • High Fidelity Twin Cable

Along with the Infinity brand, JBL also offers affordable headphones under its main brand. The company’s JBL C50HI In-Ear Headphones have often purchased earphones under 500. This headphone also has a mic for talking and it supports Google Assistant.

Boat BassHeads 162

  • Premium Audio with 10mm Drivers
  • Enhance the vibes with BassHeads 162
  • The vibe in your rhythm all day with its
  • Super Extra Bass
  • Communicate hands-free in a seamless way with the built-in mic
  • Durable dual-tone braided cable

The second earphone in our list of the five best earphones is also from boAt. The Boat BassHeads 162 earphones come with HD sound quality. You get crystal clear sound quality from this earphone with extra bass. This earphone also comes with a braided cable which does not allow it to get tangled and increases its durability. It can be purchased for earphones under 500.

Philips SHE1515BK/94

  • Perfect in-ear seal blocks out external noise
  • Integrated microphone and call button
  • 3 interchangeable rubber caps for optimal fit in all ears
  • A 1.2 m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use

Philips’ wired earphone SHE1515BK/94 comes at number three in the list of best budget earphones. A calling mic is also given in this earphone. Coming with excellent sound quality, this earphone can be bought from Amazon India for Rs 438 and from Flipkart for Rs 389.

Mi Earphones Basic

  • Ergonomically angled to fit perfectly in your ear canal that provides long-lasting comfort for everyday usage
  • Features 1.25-meter long cable & L-shaped 3.5mm jack to connect with your phone
  • Compatible with Android, iOS & Windows devices with the jack
  • Powerful 10 mm drivers & aluminum sound chamber for super extra bass and clear sound for the best music & calling experience

This earphone of Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi comes with better sound quality and a calling mic. This earphone with good build quality can be bought for Rs 399 on Amazon India, Xiaomi’s online store, and Flipkart.

Realme Buds 2

  • The matte, streamlined design looks elegant and attractive.
  • 11.2mm bass boost driver
  • Multi-layer composite diaphragm
  • The inline remote features three tactile buttons and a mic
  • Realme buds 2 features built-in magnets and a cable strap which are designed to provide the ultimate solution for neatly storing your earphones

Smartphone maker Oppo’s former sub-brand Realme’s earphones Realme Buds 2 is also on our list. These great calling and HD sound quality earphones can be purchased from Amazon, Flipkart, and Reality stores for Rs 499.

Boat BassHeads 142

  • Extra Durable Braided Cable
  • In-ear Hands-Free calling with In-Line Mic
  • Metal Construction Earbuds
  • HD Sound with Dynamic Drivers

This model of wired earphone maker Boat can be purchased on Amazon India and Flipkart for Rs 499. Mic has also been given in this earphone to talk on the phone. The specialty of this earphone is that it has a braided cable so that the earphone does not get tangled and cut. You also get one year warranty on these earphones along with excellent sound quality.

Oraimo Halo

  • Legendary Sound and Extra Bass
  • Ergonomic Ear-tips and Lightweight
  • In-line Mic for Calls

This earphone from Hong Kong-based company can be a good option in budget and affordable earphones. These headphones can be bought online for Rs.199. The wire of this earphone is Kevlar fiber which makes it quite durable.


It is very important to have high sound quality earphones for better music and gaming experience. If you are going to take such great-sounding earphones, then you will get a great range here. It comes with tangle free and noise isolation feature, which gives the best performance in your voice commands and hands-free calling. Along with the best sound, deep bass support is also being provided in these earphones.

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